How awesome are women? I mean really, we’re pretty incredible, beautiful bags of skin and bones filled with love, light and the ability to do what the absolute f*ck we want. Nothing fills me with sisterhood pride quite like the achievements of a woman triumphing over adversity and flipping the bird to anyone that said she couldn’t. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by powerful, badass women every day of my life, ladies that enrich my day with lessons on how to be awesome. I work alongside a clan of fierce femmes that put their heart and soul into educating the future of our world, I was raised by a woman that had so little but gave me everything, and I’m fortunate to be able to call some of the most inspiring woman in the world my friends. Continue reading


Ah Friday; beloved, beautiful and blissful Friday – If Carlsberg made days, they’d all be Fridays. If wine and chocolate were known by another name, it’d be Friday. If a torrential shower of naked Tom Hardys had a technical name, … Continue reading