One Year On…

A year ago my job had taken a turn towards a more social and interactive role which saw me checking out a lot more blogs and contacting the people who wrote them. For the most part, these people were all about the money; if you wanted to see some interesting content on their blog then you had to pay them for the privilege which, I didn’t really agree with. Furthermore, they were pretty rude about it too! One even called my writing boring, yet he wrote nothing on his blog. Accepting money to write about something you really don’t agree with or care about in the slightest just takes the best bits and the fun out of it. A select few that were making a success of their blog would write about products and services that actually made a proper contribution to their pages and didn’t stand out of place in a blindingly obvious and shameless plug. But what struck me more was the fact that I wasn’t doing it; not the whole money part but the writing part.

I’ve spent years writing about subjects that either don’t interest me, bore me or need that much wordy exaggeration to sound good that it’s completely unnatural. So I thought I could do better and created my blog. I always knew that my first year wouldn’t be a great collection of interesting and readable posts but rather a learning curve to discover what works and what interests people whilst building up a bit of content. Originally, I’d intended to share this with friends and family but after one of them took offence at something I’d said elsewhere on the social network, I decided that this first year would be mine for now, and the foreseeable future.

Another thing I learnt was that aside form being unable to access and use any kind of design software, I’m also indecisive when it comes to design and aesthetics so this blog has seen some visual changes in its first year as well. I’ve had a go at being creative, minimal, mad and bold and I think I’ve pretty much settled on something I really like now. But perhaps the most confusing thing is the content itself; what on earth do I write about? When your working life is spent writing there is always a subject and a reason which is usually decided by somebody else, but when that subject and reason is you and you alone, its sometimes a bit of a reality check when you realise it. So I can write what I want? about whoever and whatever I like? Absolutely!

So I guess today marks the point at which this blog really starts to take shape and direction – the question is, ‘where should I go?’  but we’ll decide on that another day, for now, I better do some actual work!

Lessons Learned: Don’t run before you can walk. Taking a slow and steady pace means that you can see clearer and have a good look at the direction you’re going in – and make subtle changes if you need to.

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