I’m Sammy, and welcome to my online space.

Whether you’ve stumbled here by accident or intentionally, I hope you enjoy what you read and keep on coming back for more.

I’m on a mission to rid my home of nasties and products that are far from natural, starting with cosmetics and health & beauty supplies for the whole family and this blog is all about the alternatives, the knowledge and the info that you need to do the same… along with a few other bits and bobs too.

I decided to set up a blog as my own little space to write whatever I like. Having spent my working life writing for other people I thought it was about time to write for myself, about the things that interest me. I’ve been a journalist, a reviewer, an assistant manager and lots of other things but my biggest passion is and always has been the written word and the power it can have.

I now spend my days working in Marketing for an awesome company, my evenings with my incredible and very loving husband, and every other waking hour with our beautiful daughter – Peanut. She’s the inspiration behind this blog and its name.

Oh, and wine. I bloody LOVE wine!

2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Great to see you getting started with your blog, Sammy! Yes, wine is bloody awesome. Don’t know where I’d be without it. Thanks for linking to my blog too! 🙂

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