Rude Dog approves.

Some things make us feel like we’ve really got our crap together. Some things make us feel as though we’ve got everything sussed out and we can crack on with whatever the day throws at us. For some, it’s knowing that the washing is done, ironed and neatly put back into the wardrobe (who are these people?! and what is your secret?) For others its something as simple as having cushions arranged tidily or like my sister, having a matching set of underwear on… none of mine matches, my knicker drawer is like a crap bag of pick and mix sponsored by Tesco value socks and pants. For me, I know I’ve really got my life sorted when I can multi task like a damn fiend. I absolutely thrive on knowing that I can do something like brush my teeth whilst straightening my hair at the same time, or even feed the kids whilst sorting out the car insurance renewal (as I did today… winning!) So anything I can get my hands on that can make the mastery of the multitask that bit easier, I am all over it like wasps to jam.

At baby group a few weeks ago I met this absolutely lovely lady, her gorgeous baby boy has the most enviable locks of hair and a beautiful name to match. But she’s also the owner of a piece of jewellery that’s kickstarted my obsession with teething beads. Yep, teething jewellery that you can wear, that doesn’t make you look like a toy. I must admit that in the past I’ve distanced myself from such things… I’ve never really liked the idea of my babies being allowed to play with jewellery and for it to become an acceptable thing for them to shove it in their mouth. However, Rude Dog is like no other beast and he’s been teething non-stop since his first tooth popped out at 4 months. He’s 7 and a half months now, 6 gnashers in and the poor kid is shoving bleeding fingers in his mouth for respite and having a go at some of my favourite necklaces – something had to give, so I found out where this necklace came from and bagged myself one.


Seb & Roo is an independent British brand that specialises in teething jewellery and teethers for babies and parents alike; Mum gets to wear a beautifully designed and crafted piece of jewellery whilst baby gets to massage those sore gums as their pesky tooshies push through. I know there are a fair few brands that make these necklaces, but what drew me to Seb & Roo in particular was their colour choices. A selection of various muted tones and pastels, as well as the brighter shades. I love grey, and trying to find a monochrome teething necklace has been harder than I thought, but Seb & Roo had the perfect one for me. I went with the Kristin style which features 5 geometric beads in mint green and marble tones, all sitting on a strong silver cord. While initially you’d be forgiven for thinking beads! for a baby?! are you a mad woman, they’re actually incredibly safe. Tested to European safety standards, these beads are crafted from 100% food grade silicone, are free from chemical nasties (ticks all my boxes) and thread through onto a strong nylon cord with a breakaway clasp at the end. The only problem you’ll find is deciding which one to treat yourself to, so thankfully with them being very reasonably priced (mine was less than a tenner with a discount code) you don’t have to narrow yourself down to just one… I’m planning on getting a couple in the near future.


Definitely going to be wearing these everyday.

Rude Dog is absolutely loving life with the necklace and it has made a huge difference to our days since having it. No longer having to bend down to grab Sophie Le Giraffe every 30 seconds after he drops it, my poor knees are happier too. He’s very demanding at the moment and doesn’t settle well unless he’s being held so being able to carry on with my day whilst holding him is made much easier now that he has something to fiddle with that isn’t my nose, mouth, eyes or hair. I’m in significantly less pain on a daily basis thanks to no longer being an oversized teething toy, and the best bit – it really is a nice piece of jewellery that I still find myself wearing once he’s in bed. I just need to decide which one to get next!

You can find Seb & Roo and their beautiful collection of jewellery at



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