At a mere 4 days old, Mr P and I left Peanut with the in-laws for the first time. Its a preference thing which no parent should be judged on, but at the time, I definitely felt that it was too early. Just a short walk to the pub for an anniversary dinner would have been a very normal event for us both a few months previous, but on that evening we sat there chowing down on sweet chilli chicken skewers with a side serving of guilt, and then washed down with a glass of chardonnay tainted with the fresh taste of shame. I knew we needed a bit of freedom for an hour or so after the massive reality bash of birth hit us head on at full speed… but at what cost? My sanity or my conscience were in the running and thankfully it was the latter that suffered. Thankfully again, as per the imaginary ‘second child manual’ states, when number two comes along, you’re complacent, chilled and so much of a smug professional at this parenting stuff that you could probably leave your babies with a loved-one after a few days and not be ruined with the self inflicted title of ‘crap mum of the year’. When your second child arrives you’re too preoccupied with life to worry about what kind of title you fall under and what anyone thinks of you.

This Easter holiday I decided that my conscience was clear and I was going to fill my days with love, fun and people that made me feel good about myself. It has been a crappy few months of baby blues and so wanting to avoid the pitfalls of postpartum negativity, I knew that it was other people that were going to drag me out of it; certain people in particular and they’ve done a cracking job – well done you, friends! I’ve had a bloody blast with it… nights out for tea with lovely ladies and discovering that celery isn’t always gross, casual coffee with friends and a lovely post-birthday date with some of my nearest and dearest. I had a spa weekend with my oldest and best friends from school and to top it off, a fab night out with work friends for food and cocktails. Sometimes you’ve got to draw a line under stuff and make the most of a bad day/week/month and roll with it, hoping that you come out the other side refreshed and ready for whats next. With all that in mind and a nasty hangover, I’ve not really been up to writing all that much. Call it a writers block if you will, I’m thinking of it as just having too much fun to find the time. I think we all need a bit of time out now and then to appreciate people and experiences. That said, this was the same period of reflection where Rude Dog decided to drop his first ass-bomb and explode a mustard nuke all over himself. I’m surprised it hadn’t happened sooner since the boy is a unit and like to pack away the fluid ounces… bless his chunky self!

But I’m brushed off, dusted off and feeling like myself again and ready to pick up where I left off. I fell off the natural living cart in a spectacular manner recently and bought baby wipes. I know, not a massive thing in the grand scheme of things but when I found out that Rude Dog was on the way I wanted to reduce our impact on the environment by going as close to nature as we could with his little baby bum and all of the essentials that would come into contact with it; but it was never going to be an easy feat, especially with a very reluctant Mr P. Now, I’m all for convenience when it comes to having a baby and I totally get that having stuff that you can use and then lob in the bin has its appeals and merits. I did it with Peanut without a second thought, BUT – and I mean a really massive but – it does not sit well with me knowing that I’m using a huge amount of disposable items when it can be avoided so easily. I’d researched and looked into the various different ways that you can reduce the impact of your baby on the environment, and by using friendlier baby cleaning products such as natural bath products instead of the usuals, coconut oil for nappy rash instead of the popular brands, and reusables instead of disposables; you could make a big difference. You may be just one person, but it all starts with you. Having a small person means that on average, you’re using around 6 thousand nappies while it can’t poo in a potty, and depending on how many baby wipes you need per change – which can range from a single-wipe wee clean, to an epic 5-wipe turd purifier – I dread to think how many baby wipes that would equate to over a baby’s nappy-wearing lifetime. The aforementioned mustard nuke was pushing double digits… shameful!

So I decided that if I wasn’t going to win the war on the nappy – Mr P wouldn’t budge on reusables, and I had to respect that – we found a happy medium with tackling the baby wipe issues.

IMG_2349Ladies and gents… Cheeky Wipes changed my life!

These ingenious little wipes are the best thing I ever spent my money on and I’m so happy that they are in our life. I don’t have to worry about throwing away precious resources in the bin with these microfibre wonders, and while Mr P often protests ‘I could have made them myself!’ its the no-fuss kit that I purchased that has made a fab addition to our household and everyday lives. I hold my hands up to being part of the baby wipes brigade in the past and using them to clean up everything in sight! I cleaned the interior of a car with baby wipes once… true story. I’m also guilty of cleaning the same car with glass cleaner, but thats a different story and a long winded explanation of my logic which would take fair bit of typing! But this changes your perspective and stops you wasting them. At the moment, while Rudy poos are still the stench of vinegar and the consistency of mustard, I’m using disposable wipes when we’re out for the day… but they’re biodegradable and ethically manufactured. Furthermore, I know that certain waste in our area is incinerated rather than landfilled, so the use of biodegradable nappies would be pointless. I know, I’m trying a whole lot to justify my use of this crap but it is justified, in a pretty unfortunate and wrong way.

The cheeky wipes kit consists of a Mucky Box, for the dirty ones that you’ve used, a Fresh Box for the clean ones ready to use, drawstring Mucky and Clean bags for taking on days out, and oils to mix into the water to keep wipes smelling lovely. All you do once you’ve used a wipe is pop it in the mucky box (which we keep in the washing cupboard) and when its full, shove the lot in the washing machine and then use them all over again. The kit comes with much more detailed instructions but that is the basic gist of it and we’ve had our money’s worth already. With 26 wipes in my kit and an extra 10 terry cloth wipes for poo (apparently microfibre and poo don’t mix… I’ve not tested this and certainly wont be doing) we’re covered for a few days before needing to wash and replenish.

Peanut even uses them for a quick pre-school face wash when I’m being crap mum and forget to wash her properly.

I paid less than £40 for my kit but prices range from around £39-£45 for an all-in-one solution and  can be bought directly from Cheeky Wipes or Amazon. Do it! you won’t look back. First impressions might leave you thinking its a pain in the arse faff-about that isn’t worth the hassle… Mr P’s initial thoughts. However, I’ve seen him using them and he’s converted. He’s a tough nut to crack but if he can take to it then I reckon anyone can too.


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