img_1915.jpgI remember the first time that I came across the brand that I’m reviewing in this post. It was during one of the most awesome weekends of my life whilst visiting friends in London. We were lucky enough to stay in Bow at the loveliest little apartment by the canal in a gated complex, and I remember thinking that if I ever became a city-dweller, this is where I’d want to be. Next to Victoria Park in my own little space looking through double doors onto a cute little garden no bigger than the one in front of my house. This, I was told whilst enjoying a vegan banquet on the grass with a glass of red, is a rare commodity in London so I can see why it was so fondly enjoyed by our friends. They live in Copenhagen now and hopefully we’ll be visiting them soon!

The weekend was so amazing because it wasn’t your typical tourist jolly to the capital. We had the best hosts and they knew all of the hidden treasures that you tend to miss when riding on a red bus in search of famous people and the Queen. But on this fateful day we ended up rushing through Camden Market (because its tacky and gross, apparently) to find the other side where we’d eventually come out on a street that housed the most amazing place that I’ve ever eaten.

On the face of it, this place looked incredible and I was pretty excited to go in and nurse my Brew Dog hangover with some top notch grub. But when our hosts escorted us round to the back towards a fire escape, it did feel as though we were about to crash some illegal exchange of contraband and feature in one of those shows where CCTV is the main source of footage. We rocked up to this shed – literally a shed, covered in corrugated metal and an old-school serving hatch with a menu so minimal, it would make a Hygge fanatic dribble with excitement. You could have burgers, fries and either a milkshake or a beer; nothing else. Little did I realise that I was about to sink my teeth into a burger that I still talk about to this day. Dirty Burger has since closed its Kentish Town branch but I would strongly urge anyone to visit any of their other London shacks because, quite honestly, its the best burger you’ll EVER eat. Fact!

So after making a total bloody mess of myself with this hangover cure/heavenly delight of a meat patty, I really needed to wash my hands, and there it was shining like a beacon of sheer beauty – a bottle of Cowshed hand wash and hand moisturiser. I remember thinking ‘This is a bit funny innit? Cowshed, and I’m in what really is a bit of a cow shed. Eating a slab of cow, in a shed’ – get it? I laughed anyway. But then from that point I couldn’t get away from the stuff, everywhere we went there was a bottle in the loo or by a hand washing station (we did a lot of eating that weekend!) It wasn’t until I asked our hosts why it was everywhere nice that we were that they told me it was one of those posh brands. So the name stuck with me for a while, and when I started this quest for cleaner living I discovered Cowshed was up there with the premium names and one of those that I could only justify as a special treat now and again.
However, recently some of these products have made an appearance in my bathroom; and it hasn’t even come out of my pocket! as Mr P had done his research and bought some amazing treats for me for Christmas and my birthday, and finally this week I got chance to try the majority of them. With 2 kids its pretty hard trying to find some time for me, but I cashed in an evening and enjoyed it to the max. First up was the Udderly Gorgeous bath salts with sea buckthorn oil. I like good bath salts because they dissolve and don’t invade your bath like a bath bomb or the like. They kind of sink in there, do their thing and hide whilst letting you enjoy the benefits. These are no exception and filled my bathroom with a gorgeous aroma, a bit like my washing powder and fabric softener combo… which is an amazing smell, trust me! I came out much like my weekly washing – soft, soaked and smelling as fresh as sea air.

Now, these on their own would have been good enough, but Mr P really outdid himself this year on the birthday front and not only bought me one, but three packs of miniatures so that I could sample a bit of everything Cowshed. Aptly named ‘little treats’ these small gift boxes of minis for the face, hair and body had me excited about my next bath. Again, loving baths like a fiend at the minute… until the water bill comes through, Im sure.  So in my next bath I used the Lazy Cow bath and shower gel with Jasmine, Chamomile and Sandalwood. This was nice, but the smell wasn’t overpowering… perhaps I didn’t use enough? or maybe it isn’t that potent but regardless, I was as soft as a baby’s arse when I emerged from the tub. The Lavender gentle cleanser is just that – gentle. Which is fab for me as my usual face care routine consists of a konjac sponge and warm water at the moment, so using a cleanser that isn’t heavy on the skin is so up my street right now. Plus lavender is such a gorgeous fragrance in a relaxing bath so it ticks that box straight away. But what really impressed me was the hair products. If you’ve read previous posts from the past couple of years then you’ll know the battle I’ve been through to find decent hair products that don’t leave my hair a greasy ball of gross mess! I was curious about these and very, very happy with the end result. Soft, shiny and even with an added bit of volume, I’m on day 3 since washing and it’s still looking good. But the standout feature of these hair products is the smell. The Saucy Cow conditioner is like nothing I’ve ever smelt, I didn’t know whether to sit there sniffing it like an addict or shove it in my mouth. The combination of lavender and lemon is seriously something I’m going to have to bake into a cake in the very near future.

I’m not so lavish to spend all of my money on full-size bottles of these products just yet. These four alone would set me back a stonking £71 in their larger sizes… and that was for less than half of the products included in these treat boxes. So I’ll pick my favourites and treat myself when I can afford to. After all, we all deserve a little luxury here and there. We’re just not all lavish cows. I’m certainly more of a frugal cow on maternity leave.

Much love,


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