I love baths.

Not in the way that Piper Chapman loves a bath in the opening scene of Orange is the New Black though, but the sentiments are the same. I love how relaxing a good soak is and how its a cheeky half hour to just enjoy some ‘me time’ whilst allowing your skin to wrinkle like a piece of white bread on a bed of soggy tomatoes.

NYR Bath Oil 1In reality though, we are just stewing away like a teabag in a giant mug of our own filth, slowly turning that crystal clear water into a foggy pond of dead skin and the accumulation of disgusting daily dirt… which is a bit gross. However, I didn’t have a bath in my first house so fully make the most of it now, and there is no better way to release that filth from our bodies and think about the day you’ve had. You don’t sprinkle a trickle of water over a massive stain on your clothes, you soak it to get the muck out. Showers are for the weak – the bath is where its at!

Over the past year I’ve been loving baths a hell of a lot. Mainly because they were the only way to ease my lower back pain without shovelling paracetamol down my throat, and they were the best way to take my mind off nine solid months of hellish heartburn too. But with such a huge variety of bath products available on the market (its seems that I just wasn’t looking hard enough when I protested about the lack thereof) it was pretty tough trying to decide which one to try first.

Luckily, my awesome sister in law took that decision out of my hands when one day, she came home from a shopping trip with a gift pack of some gorgeous bath treats from my absolute favourite natural brand – Neal’s Yard Remedies. Along with a couple of baby products and a bumper pack of taster sachets of their latest offerings, was a beautiful bottle of Mothers Bath Oil, shining like the beacon of warmth and moisture that my skin was desperately craving.

I’ve been a huge fan of NYR for years following an anniversary trip to Leeds where I had made a beeline for their shop in the Victoria Quarter. In an area where designer labels line the arcade, it was so nice to find a shop that went back to basics and celebrated nature in the best way it can. The lady in the shop was super helpful, and helped me pick out my first NYR product; one that I still use, 3 years on. What really impressed me was her knowledge and I think that alone is worth its weight in gold.

But back to bath time and I was overly excited about this experience. Not only because I was about to enjoy my slot of time to myself, away from the kids, the mess and the imminent night of no sleep. But also because I knew that I was about to jump into a tub that wasn’t filled with a green pond of Badedas. Any new mum will tell you about the Badedas and its awful scent. Its imprinted in my nasal passage now and I’ll forever be smelling that bloody stuff until the day I’m dust.

NYR Bath Oil 2

So at this point as a former grease bag, I was pretty dubious about putting oil on my skin. When you’re 50% oil yourself, the last thing you want on your skin is more oil… or so I’ve always thought. Turns out, a bit more of what’s actually doing your head in can actually be the remedy you were looking for; but more on that in another post. I tend to pour a generous slug of bath oil in to get the full effect, but with this one you really don’t need a great deal to enjoy it. The smell is gorgeous, with a signature note of Lavender (my favourite for relaxation and headache busting) with infusions of Bergamot and Ylang Ylang. Unlike other bath oils that I’ve used, it isn’t light and sparse so you don’t feel like you’re adding a watered-down blend to even more water. With this oil you feel as though you really are plopping a skin on top of the bath that’s just going to be lush to sink into. The instructions on the bottle say to swirl the oil in but I never usually do. I like to let it sit on the water so that when I sink in and jump out, a little of it clings to my skin and gets a good massage into the skin when I towel off.

One thing I really love about NYR is their ethics as a company; the belief that beauty should be natural, free from synthetics and that brands should be transparent and honest in their processes. NRY is all of this and more, and has been at the heart of their products for over 30 years.

You can get this awesome bath oil and other preggo-related goodies from Neal’s Yard here.

I’m almost looking forward to mine running out so I can justify a splurge on their website!


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