How awesome are women? I mean really, we’re pretty incredible, beautiful bags of skin and bones filled with love, light and the ability to do what the absolute f*ck we want. Nothing fills me with sisterhood pride quite like the achievements of a woman triumphing over adversity and flipping the bird to anyone that said she couldn’t. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by powerful, badass women every day of my life, ladies that enrich my day with lessons on how to be awesome. I work alongside a clan of fierce femmes that put their heart and soul into educating the future of our world, I was raised by a woman that had so little but gave me everything, and I’m fortunate to be able to call some of the most inspiring woman in the world my friends.

So imagine my disdain when faced with a week that has been so full of negativity everywhere that I’ve sought refuge from the outside world. Facebook is jam packed full of posts, likes and comments relating to the caricature Jaffa- turd that America just elected as their leader. Print media has his face plastered all over front pages with headlines such as ‘Trump cuts abortion funding…surrounded by men’ that make me want to rip my own eyeballs out with short, stubby and grainy nails, chew them into tiny pieces and then launch them at full pelt in a machine-gun style massacre onto said images. I don’t tend to watch the news on TV which is probably in my Samsung’s best interest. I remember lobbing a pencil at Mum and Dads new TV as a teenager because something came on that I didn’t want to see (such a nobby teen, me) so in terms of what we’ve been fed this week from the media, you could say it’s been a bit of a stinker.

So I’m bored.

Bored of hearing about the colossal thunderc*nt that is inflicting his hateful ways on the world.

Bored of the negativity and the effects its having on otherwise good and happy people.

Bored of myself for letting it grind at me in such a way that fills me with a bit of fear for the future and the world that little Peanut is going to grow up in.

Bored of reading about dickhead men!

So I’m grabbing it by the balls and flipping it on its arse, and celebrating the achievements of some of the strongest, dynamic and intelligent girls I know, that are sharing a piece of themselves and putting it out there for the entertainment and inspiration of others.

The Beautiful Fight – Living with Vasculitis

annieLook at her, is she not the hottest Brazilian babe you’ve ever seen? When we were at school EVERYONE loved her and admired her, and it’s only as I’ve gotten older and seen less of her that I’ve realised what a gift she is to everyone that crosses her path. I grew up with ‘Babs’ when she dropped in from more exotic climes many years ago and straight away she was ours, our little group of girls that to this day, still enjoy each others company. Sisters rather than friends ❤

I miss her light, her positivity and wonderful approach to life but admire her more than she’ll ever know for what she has achieved and everything that she will go on to enjoy.

Annie left us for bigger things after school and was heading towards a promising career in the forces, but somewhere along the way her health had other ideas. She has very recently decided to document her ‘Beautiful Fight’ in her own blog and I implore you to follow her journey and let her enrich your life with what promises to be a tear-jerking account of how health and happiness can go hand-in-hand; whichever way they turn.

There are very few people that can touch your life, but she has mine in the best way and I absolutely love her for it.


Hannah in the House

hannahI met Hannah about a decade ago when I had just started seeing Mr P. She was like a breath of fresh air in a room full of sweaty boys. Quite literally… it was a gig and it was full of sweaty boys. Hannah struck me straight away with her intelligence, calming demeanour and incredible tattoo. She also loves cats – we all have our flaws.

Hannah is an interiors whizz and has designed bathrooms for the rich and famous, worked alongside some of the most respected designers in the industry and carved a path for herself that suits her life. Hannah lives on her own terms and I have nothing but respect for her. It’s not been plain sailing as Hannah has had to battle the side effects of her own rather serious health condition but I can honestly say that I’ve never heard her complain about it once. Hannah inspires me everyday because she doesn’t let her condition stop her; she’s full of life and ideas that most people with a fully functioning brain can’t even comprehend. For that alone, she gets my highest of high fives. Throw her loveliness into the mix with her sass, intelligence, style and talent then you’ve got the perfect package for an entertaining read; Hannah’s blog, ‘Hannah in the House’ is a Scandi-inspired site with tips and tricks on how to inject your home and life with effortless and underrated style.


Woman are amazing and we’ve all got it in us to be fierce.


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