Time flies when you’re doing a lot of stuff. Having fun, have a job list as long as Brighton Pier, or are trying to cram in countless toddler birthday parties, swim lessons and running between two bloody pre-schools. Christmas is approaching too and that usually puts me in a rubbish mood for a bit. I have a few days where I’m an utter arsehole and people are better off leaving me alone than forcing me into conversation; I’d rather spend time with a fermenting cabbage than talk to anyone when I’m on one. But it is temporary and I’m back to being nice again in no time. In short; I am knucking fackered! So rather than force a post out that meant bugger all, I thought I’d leave PeanutWine a while to simmer.

However, I’ve had a decent nights sleep following an epic 4-week snot-fest, and even managed to hoover the front room so I feel almost human enough to sit here with a honey Rum and coke, and delight my readers with this nugget of information.

I’ve found the holy grail.img_8525

My hair and I have been on an intrepid journey of discovery over these past few months. At times we’ve felt the heavy blow of defeat come down on us like ginormous fist jabbing us in the back of the neck. We’ve felt the short-lived sensation of triumph only to then experience the cruel taunt of wax having the last laugh as it sits on us like a dog turd on the bottom of your favourite shoes. But, dare I say it? the light appeared at the darkest times and showed me the way to the second aisle in Boots where I found what can only be described as the panacea of pure follicle perfection. Oh, dear readers, I found a hair system that works as good as any other crammed full of sulphates.

Kind Natured is a brand that Boots has recently started stocking, and I’m so ridiculously chuffed with it that I’ve been telling anyone that’ll listen, to grab a bottle and try it out. On offer at the moment for less than £3 a bottle, it’s cheaper than most of the bottles of badness you’ve probably got lining your bathroom cabinet.

Available in a vast selection of scent combos that I’ve never heard of (Argan & Kukui Oil anyone?) there’s diversity to the range and for a lot of people, that’s kind of a big deal. The back of the bottle left me a bit confused, I must admit, but Kind Natured is 97% natural and completely devoid of petrochemicals, sulphates and parabens, so whatever that remaining 3% was, I pretty happy to take the risk for a few quid. But the proof is in the finished product and whether I’d finish drying my hair to find gloss or grease.

I bought the Argan & Kukui Oil combo first and tried both the shampoo and conditioner. Both were on offer at about £2.50 at the time so I had a complete haircare system for a fiver – win! The shampoo requires a generous blob on the hair in order to work up any kind of lather that feels like its working but the feeling afterwards was great – clean and easy to rinse out. The conditioner was my worry though, as in the past, I’ve not really done too well with the results post rinse. I played it safe and applied to just the tips and left it for a couple of minutes. Rinse off, dry off and a quick go on the straighteners and ta-da! It didn’t look awful. In fact, it looked pretty good. No waxy texture at the nape, no heavy feeling at the roots, and to touch, my hair felt completely normal. It was almost like I’d just used full poo. Initially I thought I’d fluked it but a couple of months later and my second bottle in, I’m still in disbelief that it’s actually working. I’ve now committed to trying every scent and working through the entire Kind Natured catalogue. Peanut even has her own bottle (yes, they do a kids product too!) and she washes her own hair (and Barbie’s too) without any tears.

It’s almost a bit too good to be true, but while the going’s good I am milking it for all it’s worth. When products like this are so easily available and work amazingly well, it baffles me why more people aren’t jumping on the low-poo train. If you’ve not tried it yet, definitely give it a go, at a few quid it’s the ultimate steal. I’m now continuing the search for more products like this brand so please, if you know of any then do get in touch 🙂


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