Today I had a real slap in the face from reality that made me realise how much I doubt myself when I have no need to. It’s a personal trait that I absolutely hate and one that I’m constantly battling with myself to ditch. Whoever coined the phrase ‘This Girl Can’ needs a medal as it’s one I live by these days, and one that I say to myself when my daft little head is telling me I can’t. Actually, I can and I bloody well will!


A hefty collection to work through!

The moment of realisation (this time) came when I washed my face and realised my fave little Urban Veda travel sized facial wash had run out. No big deal, I thought – there’s about 4 more in my beauty box. Open the box and find that actually there’s 4, and then a few from Skin Blossom, Balm Balm and so on. This all sounds very trivial and ‘no big deal’ but it made me smile and realise that I’ve done it – I’ve succeeded in my quest and cleared my skin of years of chemical build up and nasty practises. I can no longer say I’m trying. I’m actually doing it and enjoying the benefits.

I can’t say that it’s all down to me and my relentless search; a huge and very influential part of this quest has been the Love Lula Beauty Box which, at £12.50 per month is a steal for regular wellness education. And an education it really is; without this there is no way that I would have ever found out about PHB Ethical beauty and makeup products and their ‘For People, Not Profit’ mantra. 20% of their profits go to charities that help improve the lives of animals and people in the UK and overseas, and they don’t use anything that can cause harm in their products – I love this company so much! Without the beauty box, another brand I would not have known about is Balm Balm; a beautiful blend of kindness, clarity and 100% organic and natural. Having said that, I cancelled my subscription this week, but only to give myself the chance to use this mammoth mountain of products.

This quest for clarity and cleaner living is one that I’m really proud of and one that I want to expand on. I can safely say I’ve cracked the skincare, I know where to go with haircare and makeup is just a matter of when it’s needed now. One of the perks of going chemical-free is that you learn to appreciate what’s natural, including your own self image. But so many other areas of life can be open to embracing cleaner living. I’m going to say goodbye to one of my favourite jewellery brands in favour of one that’s more focussed on sustainability and locality. Check out Salt and Silver Jewellery and Katie’s gorgeous collection of shiny loveliness made from recycled silver. I LOVE her attitude to life and the appreciation for the smaller and m ore important things in life. I’ve got my eye on turtles and surfboards already! I’m also going to look at sustainable clothing – I already buy a lot online from eBay and seconds stores but going to the roots of the clothing industry is where I want to make my own little impact and say goodbye to the malpractise of high street brands. I already knew that the environmental impact that big clothing brands had was nothing short of shocking, but for the sake of an easy life, its so easy to just ignore it. No more thank you!

“Be the change that you want to see in the world”



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