PeanutsAdventures | Summer evening strolling on the beach

#PeanutsAdventures | Summer evening strolling on the beach

Firstly I feel I should apologise for my absence. But I’m not going to. If it were down to something as simple as me being a bit shit then yeah, I’d throw a big fat ‘soz’ out there but it’s not the case. It would seem that life has gone and got in the way of my crusade for chemical-free living and although it’s quite naughty of me, I have taken a bit of a step backwards and I’m feeling more than a smidge badass for it. There have been weddings, pretty hectic days at work and a few events in between that have meant that I kinda need to look my best, and with having a 3 year old in tow, its not always easy to find a chunk of minutes to spend pinning my hair back to look half-decent. Thankfully it’s not the body care thats taken a beating, but rather my haircare routine thats suffered at the hands of the devil.

I’ve certainly learnt over the past few months that finding the right low poo hair products is not just difficult but time and money consuming too; two valuable commodities that I struggle to pull out of the bag. There’s all kinds of problems that come with trying to de-turd your tresses and in the end it just got a bit too much for me. That heavy waxy feeling was the first to turn me. Getting out of the shower with that anxious feeling of ‘is it actually going to look clean this time?’ only to find that no, its not… again. The second was the thickness. Some people would sacrifice a leg, a few quid and a small dog to have hair as thick as mine but to me, it’s just a massive hairy pain the arse. It’s thick enough as it is without being boofed up to double its volume; to be honest I was hoping that I’d lose a bit of volume like some others had reported but alas, no such luck.

So in the end I was longing for that squeaky clean feeling like an addict looking for their next hit.

I got it. And it felt amazing… for a bit.

I know, I feel like the worst person in the world for succumbing to the chemical badness of Head and Shoulders, but, I had it, I enjoyed it and then I hated myself for it. I felt like I’d cheated on my beloved clean products and had some dirty one night stand with a bottle of the bad stuff. I honestly laid in bed that night feeling like I’d just violated myself with this awful concoction of utter crap and laced my head with pure unadulterated dirt. But now I’m looking for redemption and really, REALLY trying my hardest to turn my back on the stuff for once and for all. I’m not talking about going to confession once a week and professing my sins whilst attempting to dedicate my life to the greater good, but summer holidays are coming (amen to working in a school!) and there’s just about 6 weeks where I can get away with looking a bit shit and I fully intend to put maximum effort in and dig deep for the willpower that I so clearly lack in this area.

But enough of the gloomy stuff; these past few weeks have been awesome! The weather’s taken a turn for the better (she says while it’s piss wet pouring outside) and we’ve been able to get out and about doing what we love to do best – explore and enjoy! Peanut has found her inner tomboy and taken to getting mucky as hell at nursery and dirtying her knees when we’re outside at every given opportunity. That girl is my elixir and I can’t quite work out whether its the amazing Ooh! Cacay Oil that came in the May Beauty Box from Love Lula that’s doing it, or the constant reminder from Peanut that I’m getting on a bit so I need to stay fit and healthy to keep up with her; but the crows feet have decided to hide from view and I’m enjoying clawing back a couple of years of my youth. I know kids are full of it but when my students are telling me that they thought I was 21, I can’t help but grin like a goon.

Anyway, onwards and upwards! Happy summer everyone


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