Evening! This post comes to you live from the living room and from behind the screen of a shiny new laptop. It’s been approx 3 months since my last confession…er, blog post and we’ve been the subjects of a helluva lotta change. Initially I would have said that not all of it was good, but a few months in and I can confidently say that I’m not looking back. So before you waste your time reading through and realising that you’re bored out of your bonce I will warn you that this one’s a bit of a long one… yey for you!



“WHY?!” was the response that I got when I told friends that after 4 years in Marketing and Comms, I had decided to move on. I’d spent a formative slab of life running my own little team (well… just me, my computer and my initiative) and I was good at it. I’d taught myself literally everything that I knew about the job, developed MY system that worked well, and earned the company that I worked for a very nice chunky profit on a monthly basis. A background in Journalism and PR helped a bunch and you cannot underestimate the value of that industry knowledge… its a pretty hard job without it, and if it’s not then you’re more than likely doing it wrong. But anyway, the impending problems of being a working mum with a fairly decent job were coming – childcare costs and school holidays – just didn’t really add up, and despite trying to negotiate a happy medium with the powers at be it just wasn’t meant to happen. The working world doesn’t always cater for young mums/young women and we’d be naive to believe otherwise. So I was left with little choice but to move on and up; if school is the problem then school can solve the problem, and I managed to snag myself a job in one. Pretty scary to think that I was about to be one of those people that helps to mould the minds of young people but as it happens, I quite like it and I think (hope) I’m alright at it too. I miss my old place, my easy going bosses and the dudes that I spent the last few years with but this is definitely the right decision for me and my family. Plus all of those holidays and free time – winning!



I’m still on the chemical free quest and that will never change. I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved so far by eliminating crap from my makeup bag and the bathroom cabinets for both me and Peanut; but Mr P told me fairly recently that he missed my blog in its hiatus, but mostly the rants and rubbish that I posted before setting up this one. So rather than a change in direction, we’ll call this one a humour add-on so expect some inane rubbish along with the usual informative info on beauty brands and their naughty practices.



Health and wellness starts from the inside- no question about it. So while the move away from chemical nasties and man-made falsities has made a huge difference to my skin and appearance, in the past year or so, diet is something I was overlooking like a complete mong. Who’d have thought that what you shove in your gob can affect everything from your mood to your bowel movements. I wasn’t getting enough water down me and that alone is a recipe for shit skin. I had developed a festive overhang three months before it was acceptable and I was pretty disappointed when the words ‘Mr P, we’ve let ourselves go a bit’ spewed from my mouth. At the age of 31, I’d reached the point where eating whatever the bloody hell I want was going to start to show. I didn’t know whether to hide in a corner with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and just my sorrows for company or sign up to the gym. So I went with the middle man – Joe Wicks. If you’ve never heard of the Body Coach then educate yourself on this physical embodiment of the Messiah! He’s changed my outlook on food and body shape in less time than it takes to order and annihilate a takeaway.




ZFG – Zero F*cks Given. In a bid to curb my use of profanities and eliminate a fair chunk of my potty-mouthed vocabulary, I think that a ZFG approach to many things will result in a happier and healthier mind and body. Ever had one of those really rubbish days where you go home and nail the wine and chocolate because someone or something has just really REALLY pissed you off? I had a few of those in the run up to 2016 and the odd one or two during. But a recent episode meant that I had a little giggle to myself instead, so that’s working pretty well! I think that its far too easy to be bothered by what people think of you and some will speak about you despite you and your business being bugger all to do with them.Well chin up, move on and be proud of yourself and everything that you’ve achieved so far and enjoy the fact that  you’re playing on someones mind so much that they just can’t live without speaking your name.


So what’s coming? A few month spotlights on some of the most widely used chemicals in your everyday products, more reviews on alternative products and a lot of Peanut’s Adventures. She’s been a busy girl!


In the meantime, keep it clean and natural 🙂



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