I’ve been waiting for Black Friday for a few weeks now, with eager anticipation! Not because I’m one of those types that wakes up at 4am, ready to barge past anyone and everyone to grab a TV that I don’t need; but because I’ve got a new job and I need some cheap clothes. In fact, an entire new wardrobe courtesy of my poor bank balance is due to be delivered in the coming days because sadly, I can no longer wear my jeans and hoody to work anymore. But while Black Friday – or Black Friday Weekend as some are doing – is as good an excuse as any to splurge on something completely unnecessary, its also a great opportunity to get your loved ones Christmas gifts done and dusted before December has even reared its festive head.

So, if you’re looking to encourage the wife, your hubby or your Nivea-loving mum onto the clean train, then behold! my top 5 natural alternatives for friends and family should help you on your way. And when you click through to the links, you may even find a cheeky Black Friday offer too:

Burts Bees Mens Collection Starting from £3.99

Here is a brand that really does have something wonderful for anyone you’ve laid eyes on. Newborn babies fresh out of the wrapping, new mums, snotty teens, husbands and grandparents can ALL enjoy the natural goodness that our busy buzzing friends offer. Burts Bees gift sets have been a regular purchase of mine for the past few years because they’re great value for money and let your recipient sample a taster of what they’re all about. I love the range for men as they are natural and smell delicious without being overly sweet. If the man in your life is anything like mine then he’ll probably enjoy these products… and you will too.

Cowshed Body Mixed Trio Set £24

I’ve always enjoyed a taster pack of bath treats – or smellies as we call them at home – but the annoying part was throwing away so much packaging and finding the tiniest of bottles in the bottom of a plastic contraption with my blood-soaked fingers. But when it comes to treats, Cowshed have the right idea as much of their packaging is reusable and therefore a lot kinder to the planet. The Body Mixed Trio Set is a great gift for girls as it takes you from shower to clothes on a journey of delicious scents. A bath and shower gel, body scrub and body lotion give your skin an uplifting boost without the use of parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, silicones, synthetic dyes or artificial fragrances.

Neom Essential Sleep Kit £20

100% natural oils have hundreds of uses and what better way to use them than when drifting off to the land of nod. Neom are famed for their gorgeous scents and they make a wonderful present for someone that has everything. Their essential sleep kit is a great present for mums that miss their sleep, shift workers that struggle to slumber or anyone that just wants to enjoy a restful night. This kit includes a step-by-step process that helps you to relieve stress, embrace calm and drift off into a deep sleep. Your recipient will wake up boosted, happy and loving you for this awesome gift.

Balm Balm Rose Geranium Gift Set £28

When I received my Balm Balm cleansing balm in my first beauty box, I was intrigued and impressed in equal measures, so when I saw this gift set I not only wanted to try it all myself but knew it would fab for all of my fellow dry-skinned ladies out there. Rose it the holy grail for anyone suffering with dried out skin as it offers intense moisture without the heaviness you’d expect from a thick cream, so with a selection of products available in the kit there isn’t an inch that’s not covered. With two lip balms, face balm, hand balm and an all over balm included, your loved ones skin will benefit from the moisture benefits from this fantastic brand.


JOIK Strawberries & Wine soy wax scented candle in a gift box £14.80

What do you buy for the person that has everything? Wine, food or a candle. Well, thanks to Joik, they can have all three in one lovely, renewable and ethical package. Joik candles are made from natural soy wax and are scented using the highest quality cosmetic grade fragrance oils, which keeps them burning with a delicious smell. Thanks to its natural credentials, soy wax burns cleaner and longer than its paraffin alternative and so you get up to 50% more out of them. With pretty packaging, a tasty scent and 30 hours burning time, this is the perfect gift to enjoy with a glass of champers and a few festive treats.


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