IMG_5400So I’m not only a little bit late with this review, but really REALLY behind. But after a few crazy weeks involving a toddlers birthday where I had to entertain 20 excitable 3-year-olds, an offer of a new job and all of the things that have to be re-shuffled at home as a result; I’m hoping that I can be forgiven!

I know a few people that have beauty box subscriptions and for the most part they are pretty happy with them. However, there are a few occasions when they’ve not been all that impressed with small sample sizes, repetition of products and poor quality examples of a supposed luxury product. So when I started looking for one, I wanted to to make sure that A – the products were completely natural or as close as it gets, B – good value for money, and C – showcased a diverse selection of brands that would show me what is available. That final one was a biggie for me and the selling point when I signed up, but on top of all of these positives, the bonus of the Love Lula Beauty Box Love Lula box is that you get a nice discount code on the featured products when you buy on site, and unlike other subscriptions, you are not tied into a contract and can cancel at any point.

So as you can imagine, I was pretty excited about the October box! A bit too big to go through the letterbox, my lovely postie left it in my garden, nice and safe from the rain so when I opened it up it felt like Christmas. The packaging was a no-frills approach with recycled filling and an easily collapsible and recyclable box with a printed manifesto on the inside. I absolutely LOVE this manifesto and it is exactly what I am looking for when I buy my cosmetics so already, I’m hopeful of what I’ll be learning here.

The products were pretty good with 3 full-size and a couple of travel size testers included so immediately, the price tag of just £12.50 was more than covered. Furthermore, these are products I wouldn’t have known existed so I’d have never bought them.

The combo of products in the box all worked pretty well together as a daily or weekly cleansing kit and I felt that they were great for use before bed. The Yes To Coconut Cleansing Wipes were a welcome addition to my potions box as years of using baby wipes and better known alternatives, I was expecting these to be similar in that they dry the skin out. Couldn’t be more wrong! These were fantastic at removing makeup and daily rubbish from my skin and they didn’t leave it feeling sore and abused.

The full-sized Balm Balm Deep Cleansing Balm was an interesting and surprising product to try and a brand that I’ll definitely be looking into. Gently massaged into the skin and the left to work its magic, you then rinse it off with water and a muslin cloth (not supplied). I loved this product because it left a fantastic feeling moisture on my face that meant I didn’t feel the need to moisturise afterwards.

Another full-size product included in the box was the Fair Squared Vegan Lip Balm, which was lovely to slater on before bed and in the morning. Although its packed with vanilla, apricot, almond, cacao and coconut, I didn’t taste any of these while it was hydrating my lips.

The sample sized Pommade Divine is an awesome secret weapon against poorlies, and as an avid nibbler of cuticles, it’s helped to repair some of the damage caused through induced injuries. I know, its an awful habit and I need to have a word with myself but sometimes it just needs to be done. This tiny tube of wonder has been saving the world since 1800 so it’s clearly doing something right.

And finally, Dr Bronner’s Shikakai Soap was the only thing that I couldn’t quite get on with, but due to no fault of the product itself. The lime and lemongrass scent of this Castile soap was pretty overpowering and had a very medical smell to it – very different from the floral fragrances that you’d usually find in a better-known alternative. But its cleansing and moisturising properties were great and can’t be faulted.

Overall, box 1 was a hit and I’m looking forward to trying out more products and educating myself on the vast choice that’s available. In fact, Novembers box is already being used and it’s awesome!




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