The idea of making my cleansing routine a much cleaner operation sounded a bit mental the more I thought about it. But not only that, the fact that the products marketed to us as soft and gentle on the skin while scrubbing off the daily dirt and grime, are actually filthy when you look at them. Think about it, it really is absolutely bonkers. We use a cleanser, a facial scrub and possibly a toner and moisturiser to remove the layer of muck that accumulates on a daily basis, but then our skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals that we use to clean it… how clean are these products? Not very!

When I started my search for natural products, one of the first brands that I came across was Lavera. I think perhaps because they are so easily accessible and the fact that they came up first in every search I ran online, they were naturally, the first brand I decided to try out. Furthermore, a good friend with a similar view on chemicals to me recommended them, and as I trust her judgement it confirmed that this was a good place to start.

After years of using the Vitamin E range of cleansing products from The Body Shop and then finding that they rated pretty high on the Think Dirty App (another post coming on this amazing app soon) I wanted something that was as good as it can get. Lavera have been mixing up their superb potions for over 25 years and all of their natural and organic products are completely free of parabens, synthetic colours and aromas, silicone oils, phthalates and SLS/ALS. What’s more, they don’t test on animals so you can use their products knowing that you’re not only being kinder to your skin, but to our little furry friends too – always a bonus!

Pravera Direct stock a huge selection of Lavera products, and from here I bought the fantastic Lavera Cleansing Milk 2 in 1 from the Basis Sensitive range (£7.45). The idea of using a cleansing milk sounded pretty nice and gentle so I bought it without really looking; I got a bit excited about finding a totally natural alternative I must admit! With Lavera products a little goes a long way and so I used a small dollop of the cleansing milk to wash my face at the end of a long day at work. Immediately it felt much more natural as there was no lather, no sting in my eyes and I rinsed the product away to find that my skin was not only clean, but didn’t feel as though the moisture had been completely stripped away. I could have very easily got away with not using any moisturiser afterwards, thanks to the jojoba and shea butter which very obviously work wonders in this cleanser. After a few uses, I also noticed that it can be used as a make up remover on a cotton pad – winner!


Size comparison… quite a difference between the two!

Pravera also offer the option to try out a few samples when you buy products from their site, and one of them was so good that I bought the full-size version a few weeks later. I snapped up the Lavera Calendula Mattifying Balancing Cream for £2 cheaper over at Naturisimo but when it arrived, I couldn’t help but feel as though I had been robbed. The tube was tiny and I was in a lot of doubt as to how long this would actually last me. A lovely email from the sites customer services assured me that while the tube was small, it lasts as you only need a very small amount to make a difference – and right she was! A small pea size is more than enough to deliver great coverage to the entire face, and with only using a small amount there is no greasy layer left on the skin as you tend to get with alternatives. The scent is incredible and the formula worked brilliantly for me leaving my skin hydrated all day. My only criticism is that those first impressions are important so a redesign of the packaging or a little more generosity than a 30ml tube would be a good place to start.

There’s such a huge variety of products from skincare through to hair and makeup, and at Pravera they offer plenty of multibuy deals and packages on the brand too. Overall, I am very happy with Lavera after a few weeks of using these two products, and it’s certainly one of those brands that I will be exploring in greater depth.


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