I absolutely love this time of year. The transitional period between the summer and autumn months where nothing and nobody knows what they are doing is something that I find very beautiful. We’re at the mercy of Mother Nature and look to her for inspiration in everything we do, from how we dress ourselves and our children in the morning, to what we’ll do at the weekend, and wondering whether it’s going to be the last cut of the grass before the chill arrives. But the one thing that I love the most about this time of year is what it reminds me of – my wedding day.

wed 1

Mr P and I on our big day

Mr P and I were married in February of 2013 and it was, without doubt, the most beautiful of cold, sunny and rainy days of winter. But it’s October, you may be thinking… that’s right, and much like that frosty February morning, I’m waking up the same way. The alarm goes off and I look outside to find the sun has not yet risen, its cold and there’s a sparkling dew on my car window. Cats are pottering about on the empty road and I’m feeling excited about how the day will end. The world is gorgeous at the time of year and it was a consideration when planning our wedding; we never wanted a summer wedding and when you look at what nature has to offer in the autumn and winter, you can easily see why.

I know a lovely lady called Sarah and she’s a florist. No, in fact she is THE florist and her creations are everything that I love. She chooses some of the most beautiful blooms to represent people, their loves and passions and presents them in a way that is respectful of nature. But sadly, I never knew of her business when I was planning my wedding but I trust that she would have been the perfect person to compliment everything that I was looking for.

wed qqq

Stunning floral creations from Treasured Bouquets

I’m an earth child and I like to think that I do what I can to be respectful of the world, within reason. So when I planned my wedding, I chose everything very carefully. My invitations were handmade using recycled materials, my table plan was handmade at home using bits and bobs I could find around the house, my wedding favours were delicious little treats baked by a local deli and then hand packaged and tied by my sisters and I. My flowers were foam so that I could keep them forever, a wonderful friend baked the cake, and the majority of everything else was sourced locally and ethically. I did everything myself and for that, I am very proud but also, understanding of how difficult it is to bring everything together. It was an exhausting process and having a baby at the time I think it was far too much to take on alone. If I were to go back would I do it all again? Probably yes, but for everyone else I would recommend a creative team that can give you everything that you want without the hassle of having to do it all yourself.

wed qqqq

Photography from the lovely Pink Feet Photography

The Lincolnshire Wedding Team is a collective of like-minded ladies that know how much importance we place on the finer details of our wedding day. They take their experience, knowledge and expertise and put it all into crafting the absolute perfect day, and as a treat to potential customers, their styled shoots not only serve as inspiration but also show what can be achieved by a great team. I was lucky enough to have one of the teams members, Elizabeth at Pink Feet Photography, save the day after I had to find a last-minute photographer a few weeks before the big day, and she was my angel when panic and worry set in. Since then, no less than 2 people have booked her after seeing our wedding photographs so I can safely say that if she is anything to go by as just one person, this team is one to watch.

wed qqqqqq

Venue decorations courtesy of Jack Loves Jill

Consisting of a Florist, Designers, Photographers, a Hair and Makeup Artist and Stylist, The Lincolnshire Wedding Team is the answer to all of those silly questions that inexperienced brides such as myself, end up asking. How can you make an empty room look like a palace? Jack Loves Jill can. Which flowers are in season and how can they represent me and my loved ones? Treasured Bouquets know, and how can my day be captured without hundreds of posed shots that I’ll probably never look at again? Pink Feet Photography can do it.

I’m a plain Jane and there is nothing particularly beautiful or spectacular about me, but on my wedding day, I felt like a princess. Aaah to be able to feel that way again would be heaven! So for all of you lucky brides about to tie the knot, I hope you enjoy these images from their latest autumn shoot… I did!

wed 2

At the end of our lovely day


  • All images are copyright Pink Feet Photography & The Lincolnshire Wedding Team.

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