IMG_5282Last week, I was pretty bloody ill. In fact, that’s a huge understatement and I’d be inclined to say I was sick on a scale of biblical proportions! What started out as a bit of a sore throat and a small headache rapidly escalated into a full-blown virus accompanied by a horrendous 4-day migraine. Needless to say, I couldn’t drive, walk or look at a screen… so apologies for the lack of post last week.

Whilst laid on my sofa feeling very sorry for myself and begging the higher powers to relieve me of this headache and curse me with a pizza face instead, ANYTHING other than the pain I was in, I decided that once this awful ordeal was over I would treat my poor throbbing head to some treats of the natural variety. So once I was able to look at a screen for more than a minute without feeling as though I was going to fall over, I treated myself to some delicious essential oils, coconut oil and some dead sea salts.

I’ve wanted to scent my own salts for a while as moving into my new house meant that finally, after an epic 8-year absence, I could enjoy a bath. We’d only had a shower in our previous house so I was always planning on bath treats a-plenty! Dead Sea Salts are reputed to have some fabulous healing properties and when combined with lavender, I couldn’t think of a nicer way to de-stress and unwind in warm water. Plus we also have a couple of gorgeous Bee-loving lavender plants outside our front door that I could dry out and grind into the salts for aesthetics. But there was also method behind the oil splurge madness, and I also decided to manufacture some of my own conditioner. I’d read and heard from friends that a coconut oil mask can do wonders for the hair, and when combined with vitamin E oil, and lavender for a yummy scent, this would make a great alternative to my regular conditioner… or so I thought.

IMG_5283The recipe was very simple and a combination of a few I’d found online. Mostly American so please excuse the measurements; they’re not too difficult to convert for British use. Take a cup of organic coconut oil, add a tablespoon of vitamin e oil, a tablespoon of carrier oil and a few drops of lavender oil. Blend together using an electric mixer and then press into a jar. This mixture lasts a while and you only need to use a small amount for the hair. It can also be used as a body lotion and a shaving cream as I found out.

IMG_5285I’ve always known that this venture into natural products would very much be a trial and error thing, and that finding the right products would take time and patience, but making this little concoction I have realised that ambitious – I am, but an apothecary, I aint! So on went the shampoo (a new natural product which I’ll review in another post) and then the home made conditioner. It felt great and smelt amazing! and after a long rinse I got out of the shower to dry and style my hair. Instantly I thought it was amazing that I could run a hair brush through my hair and it not get stuck. It was actually very refreshing not to have a fight on my hands with my hair tools! ‘Could be onto a winner here!’ I thought. But the bliss was very short lived, and once I started to dry my hair, I realised that actually the oil hadn’t rinsed out at all, and my locks were coated in a greasy and lack lustre film which contributed to some crazy looks in the morning when I woke up! So after a day of hair pinned back in the emergency messy bun style, I had another go and reversed my method this time, I conditioned first and then shampooed to remove the oil.

Bloody failed again.

Perhaps it’s my hair type, or the wrong combination of shampoo being used with the conditioning treatment, but for me this really didn’t work. The ingredients were not cheap and so very reluctant to throw them away, I now have a gorgeous smelling lotion that I will add to the remaining dead sea salts. Hey presto! body scrub.

No waste, no worries.


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