With Mum on holiday in the mid-nineties

At the moment Peanut is going through a phase, an awful phase that’s driving me a little bit mental. Everything is ‘No!’ and answering back in such a fierce and powerful manner. This is the kind of behaviour I want her to bottle up and save for when she’s older so that she can express it in a much more empowering way. I love that she’s making it known that she doesn’t want to do something, but when it’s things like brushing her teeth or putting her shoes on it is an entirely different story. Although it’s a phase it is her way of learning that she has a voice and she can use it to express what she believe in… a bit like this blog.

This is a bit of a justification post and an insight into why I’m heading down the chemical-free route.  I’ve always been aware of the dangers of chemicals and how they can have a negative effect on the body, but it’s only recently that I have really started to take action. It’s very easy to say, ‘oh I’ll just buy this bottle of shampoo, I’m about to run out’ with the intention of looking into an alternative later. Or going with the old faithfuls because of the fear of the unknown and wondering whether a product is going to work as well as the one that we’ve been using for the past decade. After all, the search and the struggle is very real for some of us when looking at certain products that perform brilliantly.

But tomorrow never comes and so we are in the constant cycle of just settling for what is easily available. And why? Because nobody is showing us otherwise.

Just under ten years ago, my world was turned upside down after the death of my mother. Anyone that knew her was as shocked and heartbroken by her sudden death as I was, because it came from nowhere. She was as fit as a fiddle, healthy, happy and enjoyed a few vices like the rest of us, but beneath her beautiful exterior, her gorgeous mind was deteriorating due to a mis-diagnosed brain tumour. She had been fobbed off with headaches and epilepsy for a few months but after a closer look it was discovered that she had a tumour that she told us was benign. I think deep down I always knew it was more serious than what she told us but my sisters and I were fiercely protected from the truth and she carried the burden of cancer, alone. She died on New years Day almost a decade ago and there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think about her bravery and love for us, and all of the questions that will forever go unanswered. Where did the tumour come from? What triggered it? How do we know so little about our bodies that we can’t see something like this coming?

I can’t say that its exposure to chemicals or the lifestyle that we lead that gives us and our loved ones these horrendous and life changing illnesses, but what we can do to avoid them should certainly not be taken with a pinch of salt.

When I read things like ‘x-product linked to cancer risk’ I can’t understand why we don’t give them a wide berth, because the same applies to everything else in life and we heed those warnings.

Don’t drink and drive

Wear a helmet when cycling

Don’t operate machinery when taking anti-histamines.

Don’t expose yourself to known Cancer causing ingredients

For me, it really is as simple as that, and through this blog I really hope to educate and inspire others to lead a healthier life and take a more natural approach to the hundreds of ingredients we put on, and in ourselves. Every. Single. Day. Whether it’s a small change that means you avoid parabens but still enjoy mainstream products, or follow me on my journey to complete clarity, I hope that you enjoy this blog and keep on reading.


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