This week, I have been on holiday in the South West soaking up the sunshine. Some find it quite surprising that you can enjoy your annual holiday in the UK and not get showered on, but then they probably don’t know that the best time to go is once all of the kids have gone back to school. Sadly, and thanks to our Government, we’re not allowed to take or children out of their lessons to experience a bit of the world… so while Peanut is young enough, we’ll enjoy that privilege while we can.

In the run up to our break I decided to try out a few new products as during holidays (in particular, this one) my skin is at its worse. Pre-holiday I lose sleep, I stress out and I don’t find enough time to remind myself that I should be drinking plenty of water. Pair that with a 7 hour drive to our destination and you’ve got the best recipe for a pizza face. Ok, it’s not quite that bad but dark circles and a few pimples here and there don’t really work well with sunshine and sweat, so as well as a good cleansing routine, I wanted to make sure that I had some good makeup there to back me up.


In my search for a replacement for my beloved Body Shop concealer, I came across a brand called Lily Lolo. I’d seen it popping up on Naturisimo and other websites so I took that as my cue to look into what they are all about. Founded in 2005 by Vikki Khan and named after her two sisters, Lily Lolo is a relatively young British brand that brings high quality and performance mineral make up to us all, at an affordable price. Products are paraben free and also do away with synthetic perfumes and dyes; an instant eye-catcher for me.

imageI ordered the Lily Lolo Eye Primer (£8.99) on a whim as other concealers really weren’t coming up all that favourable. I cannot get on with a cream, I also didn’t want a powder and so the primer stood out as something a bit different that was worth a try… and I was very impressed. This is dual product thats works quite cleverly with two shades. The lemon cream corrects discolouration around the eyes, while the buff shade adds a more natural tone to the skin. Although designed specifically for extending the wear of eye shadow, this is a fantastic concealer that just works so well in giving your eyes a brightening and freshening look. I used the primer over my foundation very lightly and the difference it made was unreal. It’s soft to touch, not at all greasy and glides over the skin beautifully; I’ve never had a concealer that works so well and lasts for so long. I even applied onto red areas of my face with a small makeup brush and the finish was flawless. But don’t take my word for it, you only have to read the reviews on this product to see that it’s a universal success.

imageOn the back of these reviews I also decided to try out the BB Cream (£12.49) from Lily Lolo as again, my Body Shop Vitamin E BB cream is just about gone. I went with the lightest shade to avoid any orange disasters and found that with this brand, fair really does mean fair. I could have done with trusting their shade matching skills as they do seem to be spot on. That said, the texture of the cream is very light and once blended in and powdered over this is a fantastic base for any other make up, should you want to wear any. I always go for a BB cream as I’m not a fan of complete coverage and I like to see my skin for how it really is; I’m a true natural advocate but fully appreciate the artistry behind a good contour.

In terms of their natural credentials, I’m happy with Lily Lolo. Both of these products are Vegan friendly and enjoy a host of great ingredients that have been carefully selected to ensure that they are derived from natural sources and are as gentle on the skin as is possible. However, they’re not as chemically devoid as I would like so I do know that my search will continue for alternatives, which is a huge shame as this is a fab find, and a great choice for anyone wanting a kinder range of products for everyday use. For now, I’m happy with these alternatives and safe in the knowledge that there are no nasties or cheeky nano particles making their way through my system in stealth mode, while I continue my search for 100% natural.

Happy Monday,


4 thoughts on “LILY LOLO TO THE RESCUE

  1. Have you used the bb Cream without a moisturiser underneath? I was wondering is it sinks well enough into the skin and if the oils moisturise enough for it to be used just on it s own (with their mineral foundation powder on top)

    • Sorry for the delayed reply! been off radar for a bit. I would say the moisturiser is a must. I’ve been finding that the cream goes kinda gooey and thick when you start to rub it in. Its not the best I’ve used to be honest. However, Madara do a tinted moisturiser thats proving reallllly good!

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