If the universe were kinder to me, my skin would be flawless. But alas, I’m a 31-year-old mum of one, I work long hours and don’t really have much time to stop and relax. I probably drink too much wine and not enough water ( no I don’t, shut up) and so a new wrinkle or bad spot of skin decides to emerge everyday. The wrinkles I can handle; I’d like to age as so many people are denied the privilege, but the redness and dryness with a bit of oiliness combined – this I cannot handle.

IMG_4902 Having sucked out the last remaining droplets of moisture from my favourite Body Shop Concealer, I bid a sad farewell and looked for a natural alternative. This was my first time really looking into what was available in the natural makeup sector, and while I was expecting to pay a bit more for good makeup, I wasn’t expecting that it would be quite so expensive. For years I had loathed spending a lot of money on beauty products when I felt less than beautiful while using them, but soon realised that in many cases you get what you pay for. A £1 concealer from the market will not help a completely useless novice like me to achieve perfect results but hand it to a makeup artist and they can work magic!

IMG_4903So in my search I stumbled upon an affordable alternative – Hello Benecos! The brainchild of Silke and Stephan Becker, Benecos stands for good cosmetics and derived from latin ‘bene’ meaning ‘good’. Free from skin nasties including Parrafin, Parabens, Silicones, PEG and Synthetic Colours, Preservative and Fragrances, Benecos promises natural lovers a kinder alternative to chemically infused makeup. This is a brand that I really like the sound of, and a quick look at what’s available reveals plenty of choice – something I was worried about when I decided to go natural.

IMG_4905The Benecos Natural Concealer in Light was a steal at just £6.95 from Pravera (with free UK delivery – winner!) and I was hoping it would be a bit of a miracle performer. Instructions say to use the wand to dab a small bit on the finger and then apply around the eyes for flawless coverage. Perhaps my issue is with blending or maybe I expect too much from a product, but for me this didn’t work. I tried a few different methods but found the texture and consistency of the creamy concealer to be very difficult to work with. Starting out as a smooth liquid, it soon thickened and became difficult to blend; but considering I do prefer a lighter texture, it was a gamble to take in the first place . Furthermore, the colour matching was very difficult to get right as the lightest shade had an orange finish to it once blended. What I did like about this product was its gorgeous scent – there was nothing false about it and its felt like a lot more luxury than 7 quid should give.

All of that said, it’s just one single product in their fantastic selection of natural beauty products that open up an entire world of opportunity for natural fans, and its wasn’t for me. While my search may still be on for the perfect alternative concealer, I’m looking forward to a beauty haul and trying out more from Benecos in the coming months.


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