It’s widely known that pregnancy can alter a woman, and after the birth of her child, she can often become intolerant to certain foods, or just go off them completely. My mum was one of them and after the birth of my sister, she could no longer stand milk and so stopped having it on her cereals and in her drinks. Luckily, I never developed a distaste for anything but surprisingly, Mr P did.

We’d been wondering for a while if he was a bit sensitive to certain foods as stomach problems tend to run in the family, but it was around the Christmas that Peanut was born that we started noticing some serious problems. While he’s not much of a drinker, during the festive period, Beer wasn’t agreeing with him and this soon shifted to other ales and heavier drinks. He’d have no more than a couple and develop a terrible pain in his gut that would last for days. After visiting the doctor and having tests it was whittled down to a drastic increase of a certain enzyme in the liver. Now, avoiding certain drinks solves the problem but once again the same problems have started but this time with no indication of alcohol being the trigger.

At a hen party, a lady told me about The York Test – a food test that can be done to work out exactly what your body cannot take in terms of food. It’s a pretty pricey route to take at around £300 for the full test (a minimal test can be taken to let you know whether you simply do, or don’t have an intolerance) but for that essential bit of information that will make everyday easier, it’s worth every penny. Mr P took the starter test with a suspicion that it could be dairy related, and when the results returned positive he decided to work out the finer details for himself before taking the more expensive option. Being a kind wife and to minimise the chance of my dinner getting pinched from under my nose, I made the sacrifice too.

Rather than remove dairy completely, we started by shifting towards lighter dairy options and cutting back as a starting point, knowing that we could cut it out completely if needed. So where we would usually have a latte, we’d have a black coffee instead. Cereals would be sparingly soaked in a bit of skimmed milk rather than a drenching of semi-skimmed. And as for cheese, we decided to cook with Mozzarella instead of Cheddar or Leicester. surprisingly, it seems to have worked for now and the difference it has made to Mr P afterwards is great for him (as he feels better) and great for me as I don’t have to listen to constant moaning or messy bathrooms! He also tests its effectiveness by giving himself a good dose of heavier dairy now and again to see how he reacts – always badly! Who knows how long it’ll last and we may end up going ahead with the full course of testing eventually, but time will tell.

It has certainly given me some food for thought and I’m looking at ingredients more and more to determine whether something is going to be a problem after it’s been eaten; but it’s extended into so many other areas now. I always knew but chose to ignore how much unnecessary rubbish is in makeup, skin care, and even the products I pop into Peanuts daily bath. There’s a lot to write about and there will be some great posts coming up as we try them out. But in the meantime, fingers crossed for a happy husband and a happy gut.

Much love!


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