Before I was a wife, a mum and a grown up in general, breakfast involved eating anything that I fancied. And up until becoming a Mum, I used to put up with the fact that if I woke up still tired, I would just have to deal with it; it never occurred to me (really) that the food I ate during the day could remedy or prolong that lethargy. So recently I have been making a conscious effort to cram a lot more goodness into the first meal of the day and avoid the ingredients that can have a negative impact on the day.

Now, I am a firm believer in that no food is bad for you – everything in moderation is good for you, if a food makes you happy then why should you avoid it? Unless it’s likely to cause an awful reaction, if you want chocolate then you should have chocolate, just not everyday for every meal. I also believe that education is the key to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and so in a bid to improve mine, I’ve been researching the arse of certain foods.

All hail the might Avocado! I never considered an Avocado for breakfast; firstly I didn’t know how to get into one let alone what to do with it so I thought I’d give it a try and see what harm it would do. It turned out that the only harm is on my weekly shopping bill.

Having never eaten one, I was a bit dubious about its soft and fleshy texture, not to mention that fact that its luminous green! But my fears aside, the Avocado is not just a super food, its super tasty too. Packed with nutrients and good stuff, it’s an excellent option for breakfast as its high calorie and healthy fat content set me up for the day perfectly. The words ‘high fat content’ might send you running but its worth noting that fat doesn’t always mean it’ll land straight on your birthing hips; these fats are for the most part, healthy, monounsaturated fats which have been shown to have excellent health benefits including reduced cholesterol, weight loss aid and belly fat reducer, reduced breast cancer, stroke and heart disease risk among others. Furthermore, the calorie content also helps to provide much needed energy for knackered parents that need a good boost, but with as much as 400 in a large one, it’s another one to be enjoyed in moderation. I have one on brown toast everyday with a bit of rock salt to bring out the flavour – sometime a few diced tomatoes if I can be bothered to jazz it up a bit.

I could rant all day about the goodness that an Avocado provides but it’s making me hungry. Just take my word for it and shove one in 🙂


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