Since I was very young, I’ve never once had an issue with weight or appearance. However; 30 arrived and all of a sudden I noticed that I was struggling a bit more to catch my breath after long walks. I couldn’t sprint (which was a shock as I had been a great runner as a kid) and when getting myself comfortable on the sofa, I noticed that rolls of fat were in the way of my getting into that really comfy spot. I’m not overweight or unhealthy by any stretch of the imagination but, there are things I would like to change.

Since becoming a mum, Mr P and I have let ourselves slip a bit – we enjoy a bit more wine in the evening that we used to, we order takeaways much more frequently, and when the prospect of sitting down for a bit instead of going outside for some fresh air comes along, we tend to take the easier option. This is not us, or rather, not what we were, so we decided that when we moved house recently we’d make the positive changes to get back to our former glory.

Step one has been adjusting our diet. I love crisps, chips, pasta. Carbohydrates – get. in. my. mouth! Which is fine… IF you’re going to burn them off. But we weren’t. So, we’ve decided to knock them right down and eat as few as possible. We’re changing our lunches at work for a healthier and much more sustaining alternative. Say hello to Granola! This week is has been my friend and my enemy in equal proportions. A friend, because its a lightweight and compact package to carry in my bag and it’s cheaper than buying a sandwich and lots of snacky bits everyday; it’s also pretty good at keeping me full for longer so I don’t need said snacky bits. It’s also my enemy because after 4 days of the same lunch, it’s pretty boring. I believe the expression here would be overkill so now, I’m thinking of ways to jazz it up a bit or find something that I can alternate between.

Step two is getting fit. I’ve started running! A huge thing as for years I have claimed that its boring and I hate it… turns out that’s a load of rubbish. I feel free when I run and can clear my head, and although I’m only running a short 3k route at the moment, those 20 minutes give me a bit of space that I need. Being a mum, cleaning, cooking and generally looking after everyone can be a bit exhausting especially when you work full time too, so running away and then running back is a great feeling. On top of that, Mr P has ordered a load of gym equipment that he’s setting up in the garage as I type!

So the goals are there, how long it takes us to reach them is a mystery. But with little steps and not jumping in head first we’ll see… just don’t expect to see a fitness model any time soon.


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